Saturday, April 2, 2016

Everything about Hair drug testing

Hair drug testing is growing in popularity. Despite its popularity however, this method of drug testing is considered by many as a flawed platform. The test works by detecting traces of drugs or metabolites that are transferred from the blood stream to the base of the hair follicles. By using just a hair sample that’s about 1.5 inches and as thick as pencil, testers and labs can detect drug use for the past 90 days. Moreover, it can pinpoint usage patterns like if you smoked weed for a month, stopped for a few weeks, and smoked pot again.So What’s The Problem With  Hair follicle Testing?

Low concentrations – that’s the problem! The amount of drug traces that they look for in hair drug test is way too low compared to other methods like urine testing. That means if the hair is NOT 100% clean – if there’s even the smallest microscopic amount of drug metabolites present in it – it’s very likely a “false positive.” Now, imagine if you are currently employed or looking for a job…and you unfortunately got a false positive. Yes, the impact to your career and life can be catastrophic. In light of this problem, trace-removing and so-called detoxing shampoos are selling like hotcakes. But can such hair products really help?Trace-Removing Shampoos – A BIG Hoax?
hair drug test

A quick online search will reveal various products sold online that claim to remove all of the traces of drugs from one’s hair. As good as it sounds, this is simply impossible. For starters, the trace metabolites are embedded into your hair strand. Try as hard you can, but even the best shampoos won’t remove it.

On the other hand, bleaching and dyeing your hair can destroy some of the metabolites. Dyeing or bleaching the hair may result to lower concentrations of drugs in the hair follicle compared to natural hair. This is a good way to minimize the traces of drugs found in one’s hair, but it’s not a fool-proof solution. On the other hand, shaving your head full of hair isn’t really an option as labs and testers will take hair from other parts of your body instead.

So what are we to do then?Use A Cleaning Shampoo With A Sealant

We’ve already established that shampoos can’t remove the metabolites. However, there are shampoos that can keep them sealed inside your hair…making sure that the testers won’t find the traces. You want a shampoo that can clean the surface of your hair follicles and has a pliable sealant that cannot be removed by the solvent labs and testers use.

When the tester cuts the sample hair into smaller pieces, the sealant seals the end of the hair follicle. By doing so, the metabolites stay inside the hair follicles…and if they do, there’s nothing for testers and laboratories to measure or hold against you.

Again, do not be fooled by anyone into thinking that drug traces can be removed. They are literally ingrained in your hair and it’s just impossible to take them off. But don’t fret, you can keep them sealed in with the right shampoo. If you wanna learn more about this check out the best detox shampoo review. Please note, detox shampoos are expensive, quality comes with a not buy low quality cheap products, it will get you trouble.

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